What is Authentication?

Authentication is based on verifying the user integrity that tells the information i.e. data going to be displayed to a particular user, that is authorized to view it. When it comes to authentication it is a crucial mechanism used almost everywhere everyday. From logins on Instagram, to checking your bank balance on an ATM, everywhere is authentication.

Ways to authenticate…

There are a lot of factors on the basis of which one can authenticate that he is the correct owner for viewing/editing or even sometimes executing some operations. Some of the common factors are:

Difference b/w authentication and authorization

This where many gets confused about what to bypass lul. So keeping it simple authenticity is a mechanism where one is verified before getting access to the data inside behind the lock, whereas authorization is to verify whether the that particular user on the server is allowed to access the information or not.

How authentication vulnerability arises?

What is the impact of vulnerable authentication

Vulnerabilities in authentication mechanisms

Website’s authentication system can be vulnerable in many contexts, some are broadly classifieds as follow, and some are more specific to the functionality provided.

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